Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

Your trusted partner transforming any ideas into a scalable and reliable Mobile Apps

Our tailor-made solution along with advanced technology will help you create your desired mobile apps that grow.
Our credentials of over 500 projects successfully delivered demonstrated our competence in assisting businesses to go mobile.
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About Mobile App Development Service

Our mobile app development service offers scalable and reliable solutions for businesses of all sizes.
Our team of experienced developers utilizes the latest technologies and best practices to create custom mobile applications that meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients. We work closely with our clients throughout the development process, from initial concept to final deployment, to ensure that the end result is a high-quality, user-friendly app that effectively engages their target audience. With a focus on delivering exceptional customer service and support, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their mobile goals

Are you facing any of these challenges in your development projects?

I have vague concerns because this is my first time building a mobile app.
I am uncertain of what can be outsourced, the price, and the deadline.
I'd like advice from planning phase.
I prefer engaging with an expert in the field.
Kaopiz is here to assist you with all of your challenges.
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Our Offerings
Why choose us?
Development flow

Features Of Our Mobile App Development Service

We are capable of comprehending the customer's business problems and offer the most effective solution through thorough communication.
To build an application that achieves your goals, we establish a thorough development schedule and perform a brief PDCA cycle several times.
Let us handle the technology and project while you concentrate on business growth in the market, where competition is becoming more and more fierce.

Numerous development accomplishments

Kaopiz has carried out 500+ successful projects with 140+ clients in various industries: Education, Retails, Construction, Automobile, System Integration, AWS infrastructure consulting and migration...​

Globally certified technology capability

Our credentials as ISTQB platinum partner - among only 8 companies in Vietnam, AWS advanced consulting partner demonstrate our proficiency in technology and quality assurance to offer our clients the most advanced web/app development, cloud-based solution for various industries.

Thorough Quality assurance and information security (Acquired ISO9001、ISO27001)

Throughout our history, we created the process tailored to meet the highest standard by ensuring strict compliance with international benchmark ISO9001 for Quality Management System and ISO27001 for Information Security Management System.

Top-class human resources with broad know-how

We acquire, educate and recruit talented engineers from top universities with open mind-set to always keep pace with advanced technology, resulting in us to be one of a few AWS Advanced Consulting Partners and ISTQB Platinum Partners in Vietnam.​
With an average age of 28, our collective of young and vibrant individuals has acquired over 300 certifications from various fields assisting with software development.

Obtained Certifications

  • Project Management Professional(PMP)
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI‐ACP)
  • ISTQB Certifications
  • AWS Certifications


One-stop shop for all your needs

Whether you require assistance with software development, maintenance, cloud-based infrastructure implementation, AI R&D, Kaopiz possesses the necessary expertise to provide comprehensive support.
With our experience, we can assist you from application planning phase to requirement definition, implementation and subsequent improvement process. All in one for your product growth.

Responsive to a variety of demands

Kaopiz thoroughly listens to customer requests and proposes the most suitable solution, while taking advantage of our cost effective labor rate and a wealth of human resources, we provide scalable and reliable mobile app development.
Understanding that every client has specific challenges and requirements for mobile apps, Kaopiz offers 3 types of delivery model to assist clients fulfill their projects according to the context.
In case you have different expectation in contracts or delivery models, please feel free to discuss with us!

High performance with minimal expense

A mobile app development project requires time, manpower and it will definitely cost a lot of expense. That is one of what our clients concern about.
Over the past 9 years, we have created streamlined working process, resulting in a highly efficient cost per performance.

Mobile App Development Flow

Requirement definition
Listen to your requests and clarify the scope of work to be developed.
Basic design (Interface design)
Determine every element of the user-visible interface component, such as the operation screen.
Create the intricate aspects, such as the mobile app’s internal operation and functions, based on the basic design.
Introduce manual testing and automatic testing to ensure quality before delivery.
Deliver the desired mobile app to clients.
Provide clients with subsequent improvement and operation to secure smooth product launching.

Our Achievement

Tabekifu Food Donation Support Platform
A platform that aims to improve food loss and contribute to the well-being of underprivileged people worldwide.
It sells food through an iOS app and manages stores, products, users, and orders through an administrative interface.
Learning Center Application
A learning center application that supports easier searching, enrollment, payment, and schedule management for various learning courses.
Baccarat game at the casino
Who will win, the player or the banker? Aim to become a millionaire relying solely on your instincts! An app that allows you to easily enjoy the classic card game ‘Baccarat’ played at casinos, from beginners to experts, online.

What Our Clients say

Ministop Co., Ltd.
Manager of the Store Systems Department, Hiroshi Nemoto

“Our company has a variety of development projects that require accuracy and speed, and we have taken notice of offshore development as a way to achieve these goals. Utilizing offshore vendors can provide cost and speed benefits compared to working with vendors in Japan. If the offshore vendor has excellent communication skills, these benefits can be fully realized.
As part of our search for a suitable offshore vendor, we considered multiple companies and ultimately chose Kaopiz based on their strong reputation as an excellent company. Since engaging them, they have implemented agile development to respond to demands such as testing during core systems replacement. We appreciate their contributions so far and look forward to continuing to work together for the benefit of our company.”

IT Business Unit Manager, Koichi Nakano

“Our company is a comprehensive education firm that places great emphasis on the integration of education and IT. In order to meet our diverse development needs, we have chosen to utilize offshore development services. Kaopiz has proven to be a strong partner, not only for their ability to attract top talent but also for their sincere approach and consistently high-quality output. We have established a solid relationship of trust through the flexible and responsive support of their bridge SEs who work with us on site and adapt quickly to changing project specifications.
We look forward to continuing our valuable partnership with Kaopiz as a critical business associate in our future endeavors.”

ActNet Inc.
CEO Ogura

“Our company has been conducting offshore development in Vietnam with multiple partners since 2007. Among these partners, Kaopiz stands out for its abundance of knowledgeable and experienced personnel who prioritize thorough team-wide information sharing to maximize organizational strength. Their innovative research and application of unfamiliar services and technologies allows them to solve difficult requirements and enables us to entrust them with our work with complete confidence in their technical capabilities. Despite the inevitable language barriers that come with working across different countries, Kaopiz provides detailed information sharing which completely eliminates any concerns regarding communication. As a result, they have become an indispensable partner regardless of project size, providing trusted collaboration and exceptional service to our company.”

Yper Inc.
CTO Shimazoe

I was concerned about offshore development for the first time. However, the executives and business analysts displayed excellent communication skills, allowing us to proceed with the project quickly. Despite using technology that Kaopiz had no prior experience with, they were flexible in their approach, resulting in a successful release. During the final stages of the project, I worked alongside the team in Vietnam and was impressed by the company’s vibrant and positive culture.

TradFit Co .,Ltd.
Project Leader, Ryan Hsu

As technology drives our company to focus on speed, Kaopiz has shown its unique capability of quickly adopting new technologies and creating applications in a short time without sacrificing quality.

Kaopiz offers high-skilled engineers who can communicate in multi-languages. They are extremely flexible, responsive to changes, directly supported from managers who understand the nature of a startup company. These make our collaboration with Kaopiz very pleasant.

CaeruX Co.,Ltd.
CEO Kanahara

There are many providers of dedicated team model development, and after considering several companies, we have chosen to partner with Kaopiz. This decision was based on Kaopiz’s exceptional capability to recruit skilled professionals from the founders’ university, effective communication skills, and dependable service. Most importantly, being able to directly communicate with the founders enabled us to be flexible in various aspects, which was the biggest factor in our decision. We are currently very satisfied with the services provided and wish to continue expanding our base under a cooperative system in the future.


What types of tasks can be accomplished by a TaaS team?
We provide comprehensive support from business planning, requirement definition, development, improvement and maintenance, cloud-based solutions,… everything response to software development.
How do you ensure that the TaaS team is a good fit for my company's culture?
You can schedule meetings in advance with key members like the project manager. You don't need to be concerned about forming a team at the last minute with someone whose name or face you don't know.
Can I place an order even if the system specifications are not clearly determined?
Yes, you can proceed with development under a TaaS team while finalizing the specifications. Depending on the level of uncertainty in the information, please expect frequent Q&A sessions.
Can TaaS teams work remotely, and how do you ensure compliance and security?
TaaS teams can indeed function remotely. Kaopiz places a strong emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of quality and security in our software development process by ensuring strict compliance with international benchmarks such as ISO27001 and ISO9001.