How AWS improved our system design: System provides game plans

How AWS improved our system design: System provides game plans

Taking your business to the cloud is a game-changer. However, not every organization has the in-house expertise to make it happen. As an AWS Advanced Partner, Kaopiz understands that every business faces unique challenges. Kaopiz is a certified Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, and our engineers are AWS certified. They have the skills and knowledge to craft the right cloud solution for your business goals.

About the project

The system provides game plans on Telegram. Where users can play and claim crypto coins. With a global scale and an existing customer base, the system continuously experiences a surge in user traffic.


Our customer wants to build a system on a global scale. One of our challenges is the system's performance and response time. Geolocation is the most difficult aspect. We reached 50,000 users within a week, and it keeps increasing. We project to achieve 4 to 5 million users within a year.

The second challenge is that the system needs to accommodate millions of users. The system can scale dynamically when it needs and scale down to save cost.

With a large number of users accessing the system simultaneously, handling a high volume of requests poses a significant challenge. A system that lacks robustness may result in delays, interruptions, or even complete breakdowns, directly impacting the client's business.


By utilizing AWS services, we effortlessly meet our objectives, ensuring customer satisfaction.
- By using the VPC service, we can create an isolated network environment, thus safeguarding the system's resources from unauthorized access.
- The NAT Gateway service helps other services within the private subnets access the internet with high availability and high bandwidth capabilities.
- The ECS service functions as a container runtime environment, hosting an API server for handling API requests and a Worker server for managing background tasks, such as data synchronization and saving to the data warehouse.
- The Auto Scaling service dynamically adjusts the number of ECS tasks in real-time to meet the evolving demands of users.
- The Application Load Balancer service helps distribute incoming network traffic to API servers. Since the Application Load Balancer operates at Layer 7 of the OSI model, it offers flexible routing capabilities.
- The S3 service is used to store Frontend static files with low cost and unlimited number of requests.
- The CloudFront service functions as a caching mechanism, improving system performance by caching static front-end files and serving them to users globally. Moreover, CloudFront sits in front of the Application Load Balancer to optimize performance and response time.
- At first, we started with a Postgres RDS instance, sized db.t4g.medium. However, after a few days, it no longer met our requirements. Thus, we migrated our database from Postgres RDS to Aurora Postgres for better performance and improved horizontal scaling capabilities. All of this, we only achieve through AWS.

How AWS improved our system design


Deploying globally on AWS offers time, resource, and cost savings compared to on-premises platforms. Therefore, the solution to meet the requirement of building a global website is to utilize AWS CloudFront for the frontend. This enhances global access speed by distributing front-end static files near users through edge locations, reducing latency and ensuring swift data transmission worldwide. Additionally, backend services are planned to transition to a Multi-Region model to optimize access speed and ensure high availability. This reduces monitoring, management, and system maintenance tasks, allowing focus on developing system features while significantly reducing global system access time.

Secondly, to address the challenge of millions of users accessing the system, the Auto Scaling service is utilized to automatically adjust the number of ECS tasks to meet the continuously changing user load, alongside the Application Load Balancer service balancing traffic to the API Server.

Thirdly, leveraging AWS also facilitates the rapid establishment of system security measures. The system utilizes the VPC service to place it within a private network, shielding it from external attacks. Additionally, Security Groups are employed to restrict IP addresses allowed to access the system.

Finally, utilizing AWS helps minimize downtime and ensures system stability. AWS's Multi-AZ model allows us to build a highly available and reliable system by deploying applications across multiple regions within the same geographical area. This ensures that if one region encounters an issue, the system continues to operate normally. Additionally, AWS provides the CloudWatch service, a tool that effectively monitors and manages the system. By using CloudWatch, we can detect and address technical issues immediately before they cause downtime or affect user experience.

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